Is it time to rebuild your Turramurra Home? Has the family grown, the old kitchen just too unmanageable or is it time to take advantage of the high prices being realised in your area.

Then ask the local Turramurra home experts, Homestead Homes to build your new family home.Customise the home to suit your families needs. Our new display home Ruby is proving very popular in the area. You can bring your own home designs to the table and let’s discuss how to best build them on your block.

Read about our latest Turrmurra home: Evelyn Ave

As you can see from the sales map of Turramurra homes we’re built seventeen quality homes in your suburb. The typically large, level and leafy blocks are a great base to build on. Some blocks in Turramurra may slope down the ridge, if so don’t worry, our customise design will take into account your circumstances.

Drive past any of our homes and your see the quality and finish you desire.

To date, we have built at least Turramurra Home in the following streets:

  • Miowera Rd
  • Chester Rd
  • Challis Ave
  • Wonga Wonga Rd
  • Alice St
  • The Mall
  • Avalon Street
  • Surrey Rd
  • Curagul Rd
  • Bobbin Head Rd
  • Glendale Rd
  • The Chase Rd
  • Evelyn Ave
  • Worchester Place
  • Kokoda Ave

Turramurra Home


If you would like more information about Homestead Homes or the specific address of any our of Turramurra Homes please contact us.