Custom home builders, Homestead Homes, are constructing a new knock down rebuild project, the ‘Ruby‘ at Roma Road, St Ives. When completed, the ‘Ruby’ will be a two storey, five bedroom luxury family home with double garage and integrated pool.

Following excavation, pouring and spraying of the pool, the ‘Ruby’s’ foundations were poured, with concrete then smoothed off in preparation for the erection of the frame.  Once the foundations are laid, the double storey frame will be constructed in preparation for commencement of the brick work.

Pouring foundations usually takes 7-8 days, depending on the weather and the site conditions. The Roma Road site is a gentle slope, falling away by only one metre from the back to the front of the block. Homestead Homes has also had great success building on more difficult sites, especially narrow and steep blocks.

To understand the potential of your home site and how a knock down rebuild can give your family their dream home, download our free Knock Down Rebuild report. Alternatively, visit Homestead Homes at our display homes in Bella Vista, online at or phone us on 02 9629 5199.