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‘From concept to completion, there are two words which summarise our commitment to our clients: quality and professionalism.’

Family owned and operated, Homestead is known for our quality design and construction, with all-inclusive contracts that give you peace of mind. Many of our clients come back to us to build a second home or investment property, or to refer their friends, family or neighbors.

As a custom home builder, Homestead can tailor an individual design for almost any block, even difficult or sloping blocks. Bring along your ideas or sketches, or even just your family’s wish-list.

We can work with your ideas to create a concept drawing for you and take your ideas from design through to construction of your new home.

Some clients come to us with concept drawings on a rough piece of paper, others have already had an architect draw up plans. Either way, we can work to achieve your dream home.

Homestead will individually craft a prestige family home for any type of building application. Choose from acreages to small and large building blocks, anywhere in Sydney and beyond.


If you own a piece of vacant land anywhere in Sydney (or are contemplating buying vacant land) talk to Homestead Homes about your ideas for your new home. We can build on any size block, including narrow and steep sites, and will build anywhere in Sydney (and beyond in certain instances).

However, with the shortage of available land in and around Sydney, many families are turning to knockdown rebuild to achieve their dream of having a brand new home, to suit their individual needs, built on their existing house plot. Simple solution. You can stay in the same area, close to your favourite shops, the kids’ existing schools, keep your neighbours and stay close to your friends. You can even keep your garden and enjoy living in a brand new custom-designed home.

‘Your contour survey determines the size and style of the house that can be built on your block.’

Building a new home generally costs less than half the cost per square metre compared to renovating an old house. Apart from modern styling and design your new home will also incorporate new wiring, more efficient plumbing and insulation and meet all council requirements in regard to green and environmental issues. It should also be fun and exciting for all the family to create their ideal living space.

Who better than the builder of your new home to knock down your old house? Homestead Homes ensures your old house is demolished in the most effective way to leave the site in the best condition to start the rebuild. And with Homestead, you will be given expert advice and guidance as to they type of home best suited to your block, your neighbourhood and, of course, your family’s needs.

Because we are custom builders, we work with you to individually design your home to meet your growing family’s needs. This eliminates the need for any variations, ensuring your design and budget are not impacted.

Project homes builders often will not offer any variation to their existing designs. Many project builders charge substantially for any variations, and these can also add delays in building your home.

Bring your wish list along when you visit our display homes, even if your list is on the back of an envelope!

Whatever is on your wish list, check each item off when you visit our display homes, and speak with us about a custom built home that meets your family’s wish list. You’ll be involved and informed in every step of the design and building process to customise your new home.


Hidden costs that suddenly emerge during the renovation or building process can destroy dreams and lead to nights of worry – “Can we really afford this house?”.

Homestead Homes pride ourselves on delivering to an agreed budget. There are no hidden costs or secret variations in our contracts. Our reputation couldn’t afford them.

When buying an investment property, it’s important to choose a house that will retain its value for resale and that buyers will respect.

Investors understand the need for quality and value, and seek us out because they know a better quality home means better profit on sale.

Lasting value starts with design quality, but is only realised through build quality.

You can see quality in the little things – door handles, fittings and fixtures, windows, wall thickness. All these will make a difference over time.

Homestead Homes use quality suppliers throughout all our homes, so you know your home’s resale value will always be strong.

Walk through our display homes and we’ll be proud to show you why we build the way we do, which maximises the value of your investment property.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients also confirm the respect that owners and buyers have for a Homestead Home.


Building a new home used to involve delays with council approvals. However the NSW Housing Code is an alternative to the traditional development application (DA) you may have struggled with in the past.

By following the Complying Development rules defined in the code, we can now get home approvals easier and faster than ever before, which saves you time and thousands of dollars.

Each of our houses is designed to meet or exceed the Complying Development rules.

Sales of Homestead homes can be seen throughout Sydney. In recent years, demand has been strong, especially in the North Shore of Sydney. The map below shows the sales of Homestead homes in Wahroonga, Turramurra, St Ives, Pymble and Killara.

People buy a Homestead Home for different reasons.

Most buy for their growing family – they want a ‘home for life’. Some are keen to speculate in the property market, knowing they need a quality home that buyers will respect and one that will maintain a high resale value. Investors seek us out because they know a better quality home means better profit on sale.

The one thing each of these people has in common is they understand the need for quality and value. Lasting value starts with design quality, but is only realised through build quality.

Homestead Homes are custom home builders. In a Homestead home, you can see quality in the little things – door handles, fittings and fixtures, windows, wall thickness. All these will make a difference over time.

Walk through our Ruby display home and we’ll be proud to show you why we design and build the way we do, which maximizes the resale value of your home or investment property.

Leading real estate agents want to sell our custom built homes.

Homestead Homes are custom built. Each Homestead home has been architecturally and individually designed to suit our clients’ unique family requirements.

To find out more about knock down rebuild in Sydney visit us at our display homes or phone us on 02 9629 5199 and we’ll arrange a time for you to walk you through the display homes and see how Homestead Home Builders can custom design a home for your family.

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