Knock Down Rebuild

‘Why should you knock down rebuild?’

Your needs change as your family grows. When you first bought your home 5, 10 or 15 years ago, things were different. Now, your needs and expectations have changed and it’s time to make a decision about your family home. Your options include renovating, knocking down and rebuilding on your current block or moving house. Each decision has merit, depending on the priorities of your family. There are times when renovating your home, upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, is all you need to do. However, this may only solve the problem in the short term.

‘Many of Homestead Homes’ clients choose to knock down and rebuild with us because they love living where they live.’

They enjoy their lifestyle, the street, distance to schools, shops and work, friends and family. Knocking down and rebuilding allows you to get the advantages of a new custom designed home for your family as well as staying in the area you love, often for a lower price than renovation.

The Knock Down Rebuild Process

design research
Design research

 walk through our display homes to get ideas for your family’s new home.

Obtain approval
Obtain approval

through the NSW Housing Code or the traditional approval process. Each of Homestead Homes’ houses is designed to meet or exceed the Complying Development rules

Selecting materials
Selecting materials

get your family involved in colours and finishes for your new home.


Homestead can demolish your existing house and clear the block to ensure the site is left in the best possible condition for building.


the foundations, frames, brickwork and roof are constructed.

Interiors, fitting and fixtures
Interiors, fitting and fixtures

the finishing touches are completed according to your design specifications.


Welcome to your new custom designed luxury home!

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Homestead Homes are custom built. Each Homestead home has been architecturally and individually designed to suit our clients’ unique family requirements. To find out more about knock down rebuild in Sydney visit us at our display homes or phone us on 02 9629 5199 and we’ll arrange a time for you to walk you through the display homes and see how Homestead Homes can custom design a home for your family.

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