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The reward for all the hard work

Blake PalmerTurramurra

The whole process with Homestead exceeded our expectations

Everyone says that building a new home is, more or less, the most stressful experience you can go through. There is no doubt that is potentially true. However, that has not been my experience.

My wife and I put a bulldozer through our old red-brick house at 35 Alice Turramurra in April 2015. Rod Lindner and his team at Homestead Homes then built a house that, in my view, is essentially perfect. If you think that might be an overstatement, you should drive past it one day.

The whole process with Homestead exceeded our expectations.

First you deal with Homestead’s architect (Bruce) and Rod when you are designing and costing the build. We had Bruce design a house from scratch after showing him photos of what we wanted and meeting with him once or twice. Bruce did a terrific job. He got the proportions and scale just right.

Rod was honest, accessible, and priced the build fairly. When you are signing up for such a big financial decision like this, you can’t ask for much more than that. He is a good operator and I thank him for guiding us through the project so well. Credit also needs to go to Homestead’s other team members. Joy, Michael and Martin were always efficient and courteous regardless of how many emails I sent them or how busy they were.

Then you get to the construction phase. That’s when Homestead site supervisor, Peter, becomes the most person in your life! Peter is a champion. He takes everything in his stride. He is a good communicator. He has a good memory and he just makes sure things get done. If I was going to build again, I would do it with Homestead and I would make sure Peter was my site supervisor.

If you are in the market for a top quality home, get out to the Ruby display home and talk to Rod. It’s that simple.

Louis BedelisMona Vale

I am more than happy to recommend Homestead Homes to anybody.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and all the staff at Homestead for your help regarding the problem with the Colourbond gutters and facia. The home was completed in 2006 yet you still chose to resolve the issue and fix the problem where the companies who should have been responsible were uncooperative and refused to accept any responsibility.

After some of the horror stories I have heard of peoples experience with builders, it’s good to know there are some companies with integrity that stand by their products. I am more than happy to recommend Homestead Homes to anybody.

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Ali ParsanejadWahroonga

Old School Professionalism

Our introduction to Homestead was through an acquaintance that had just completed their new home construction by Homestead and found the experience quite hassle-free and above expectation.

We initiated our discussions with Homestead in November 2011. By February 2012 Homestead had prepared plans that accommodated our unique requirements and met our satisfaction, arranged all necessary documentations and certifications and obtained all essential permissions for construction of our new dwelling. Construction began in March 2012 and was completed ahead of schedule in September 2012.

Throughout the process we dealt personally with the owner and managing director of Homestead, the office managers, the site managers and site foremen. We found every member of the Homestead team exceptionally courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, open, but above all honest and straight forward.

Homestead exhibits a kind of professionalism that can only be classified as “old school” which unfortunately is quite scarce in the building industry of today. Nothing signifies this more than the 25 years the team has worked side by side with each other, creating new homes across Sydney.

Any building exercise has its own unique complications and ours was no different. What impressed us most was the manner in which Homestead dealt with the problems as they arose and the efficiency in which each matter was resolved.

In our view there is no higher recommendation than providing repeat business to a company. And that we have done.

We have now entered into our second contract with Homestead and have just initialed the construction of another project with them. Now we are classified as current clients again and so far, we are even more impressed than the first round.

I have no hesitation whatsoever and take pleasure in recommending Homestead Home Builders to anyone who is thinking of building a new home.

Danny Dragosetti

… simply no measurable comparison

If you are considering purchasing a Homestead home, then you have made the right choice.

Homestead’s flexible approach allowed us to design a home specifically to suit our requirements at no extra cost. We have built 2 new homes prior to building with Homestead and there is simply no measurable comparison.

Our Homestead home was built in 2009 and we were delighted with the result – the management and workmanship were simply outstanding. There are always last minute changes, which under normal circumstances would drive the builder crazy, but not Homestead. Their site management staff took on changes without a fuss.

I am happy to endorse Homestead Homes to anyone contemplating building a new home.

Pierre A FenechSt Ives

It is indeed a pleasure to deal with Homestead Homes

This is a courtesy note to say thank you.

Peter came over to our house yesterday and identified a cracked tile on the roof which is likely to be the source of the rain water leak. Luckily we had spare tiles and he replaced it.

As always, Peter was very courteous and professional to deal with. I do appreciate he is very busy and other commitments prevented him from attending to our problem at earlier instances.All outstanding issues have now been dealt with.

It is indeed a pleasure to deal with Homestead Homes.

David UptonSt Ives

… they have just started another home for me

I have been involved in the real estate and real estate development industry for approximately 40 years. Over that time I have built dozens of houses,which has given me extensive experience in the building industry.

Two years ago I decided to build my ultimate home: a very large single level. A friend had just finished building with Homestead and gave the company glowing reports. I gave Homestead a call, had my initial meeting, and was very impressed. I gave them my brief for my future home and organized to meet their designer. Their designer was excellent and I got the exact home I wanted. The external design and floor plan was excellent.

We are now living in our home and couldn’t be happier. The whole experience with Homestead has been hassle-free and pleasurable. The quality and the finish is excellent, so much so they have just started another home for me.

I am presently looking for a block of land for my daughter and without hesitation will get Homestead to build for her.

Toby & Kay PickfordWest Pymble

Built with passion and pride

Deciding to build a home was one of the biggest decisions we ever had to make as a couple. It’s one of those momentous occasions where we say “oh my god, we are actually going to do this!”

But the excitement subsides when you are faced with; “Who are we going to trust to do this?” “Who’s good, reasonable and reliable?” I guess its much the same as choosing a life partner really.

So you ask around.

One name kept cropping up and that was “Homestead Homes”.

It just so happens that they had built a few houses in our area already and we had our eye on a design that fitted our vision of what we wanted in a home and what would suit our neighbourhood.

“But can we work with this company?” They had an impeccable reputation, so we made the trip to Bella Vista to go and check them out and see for ourselves.

From the moment we met Rod and Martin and saw the quality of workmanship, we were happy that we had found our builder.

But it’s a long road from here we thought… a lot of hurdles, red tape and hassle before we lay one brick. But with Rod at the helm, Bruce accommodating our ideas into his design and Michael and Joy making sure everything ran smoothly, we were up and running.

It was a dream from here, and we can honestly say, Pete, (Project Manager) was fantastic. He put up with our worries and concerns, dealt with them as if they were his own. He was a true professional. Although I am surprised we didn’t drive him to drink. And Joy too for that matter!

He managed a great team of guys that never let us down. They built our house with passion and pride, and you can tell.

I can’t recommend Homestead Homes enough, and we want to thank each and everyone of them for making it so easy and creating a home that we love and feel so proud of every time we pull up in the driveway.

Martin and Amanda FilemanNorth Turramurra

Well and truly above expectations

Building a new house involves a number of important decisions; none more than choosing the right building company to build your family home. Having built before we were very aware of the stress associated with the process. From the word go, my wife and I have been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of Homestead Home Builders.

From the owner of Homestead, Rod, to his brilliant administration team of husband and wife, Michael and Joy, have listened to what we want and worked with us to be part of the planning of our dream home. The fact that people keep coming back to Homestead to build again and again is a true testament of their brilliant reputation as home builders.

The on-site expertise of Site Supervisor, Peter, and Lead Carpenter Wayne, has made the building process with Homestead enjoyable. Nothing is a problem for Peter, with his friendly nature and knowledge, enabling us to live in the Central West of NSW, whilst our house is being built in Sydney. Who would have thought? To top it off, the product they produce is outstanding. The individual design of our home is everything and more, and well and truly above expectations.

Thank you Rod to you and your team.


A wonderful job

We are nearly at the end of the project and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for doing a wonderful job on our new home.

Although being a subdivision created a few more challenges for us than we hoped for, once the build started, your team has been fabulous and a pleasure to deal with (hopefully seeing us every day they didn’t get sick of us).

Wayne, Peter and all the tradesman were very professional, timely and courteous throughout. All of our questions were answered succinctly and any queries were explained clearly and dealt with efficiently.

We are particularly pleased with the quality of the finishes and a few agents who have been through it have also commented on the superior finishes.

Given some of the stories we all hear about building a house, I am happy to say our experience with Homestead has been a very pleasant one. Once the landscaping is complete I will send you some photos for your viewing pleasure.