French Provincial style façade

French Provincial homes exude a classic warmth and elegance that, with modern appointments, creates a living environment of effortless comfort and luxury.

Widely considered to be one of the most loved interior design styles of all time, the origins of French Provincial home design date back to southern 17th and 18th Century France, where furniture makers started creating pieces inspired by the highly decorative furniture of cities such as Paris.

Properties considered to be French Provincial in style are generally characterized by a number of distinctive elements, including:

  • A Mansard style roof
  • Rendered external walls
  • Timber casement windows
  • Parquetry flooring (created from blocks of wood set out in a geometric pattern)
  • Statement kitchen island
  • Natural stone
  • Decorative wrought iron, or shutters
  • Rustic wood and warm, natural tones with gold accents
  • Antique furniture.

These features alone don’t necessarily make a house automatically French Provincial, nor are they exclusive to French style homes. However, when the elements are combined to work with each other and complement the relevant décor, they generally evoke the French Provincial style.

By then incorporating the latest fixtures and conveniences as a contemporary counterpoint to the classic French Provincial style, homestead home builder’s French home builders, designers and interior décor specialists can create a harmonious, textural and luxurious home that supports easy living and a modern family lifestyle – the kind of home that envelops you at the end of the day and helps you relax in comfort and style.