Homestead Homes are building a new luxury prototype home, the ‘Ruby‘ in Roma Road, St Ives. The ‘Ruby’ includes a pool designed to integrate with the custom designed home, with convenient access from the rear family outdoor area. This integration of indoor and outdoor living areas is increasingly popular, and the ‘Ruby’ has been designed with this in mind.

Prior to starting the Ruby’s foundations, the pool was excavated, poured and sprayed. The pool includes a dedicated swim lane, and has been designed to integrate with the luxury home. When building a pool, site access for excavation and pouring equipment can be restricted if pool construction is left until after the house is completed. As the pool is located alongside the house and borders the property boundary, so the most efficient and cost-effective method was to construct the pool prior to starting on the foundations for the house.

If your new home construction or knockdown rebuild includes the construction of a new pool, you need to consider council and safety requirements. In this instance, Ku-ring-gai Council specified a minimum distance of 1 metre between the pool and property boundary.

Families seeking to knock down rebuild on the Upper North Shore often have a pool or outdoor area designed as part of their new home design. Homestead Homes are custom home builders and can include these features in the design and construction of new homes. This is more convenient and often more cost effective than building a pool or outdoor area after the new home is finished.

As custom home builders, Homestead Homes can design and build your family’s new dream home, including construction of a pool or integrated outdoor area. If you’re knocking down and rebuilding on your existing block, we can even design and build your new home around your existing pool, water feature or tennis court.

To see if Knock Down Rebuild is right for your family, read our free Knock Down Rebuild report. To see the quality of Homestead Homes’ construction for yourself, visit our display homes or phone us on 02 9629 5199 and we can walk through our homes with you.

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