Renovate or Detonate

‘Should you renovate or knock down and rebuild?’

Obviously there are times when renovating your home – changing a few walls, adding a bathroom or updating the kitchen – is all you need to do. However, the reality is that in the majority of cases this solves the problems temporarily, with most families desperately seeking another solution within a few years.

Most of our clients decide that renovation is not the answer when they consider the following points:

  • Renovations almost always run over time and budget, adding greatly to family stress. It can be almost impossible for your builder to accurately quote on a renovation until they’re well into the job and it’s then sometimes too late to stop.
  • Can you remain in the house during the renovation? Have you thought about early mornings with tradespeople coming and going, the continuous noise and constant interruption to your family’s daily schedule? All too often you will have no privacy for the duration of the project.
  • The 30, 40, 50 or 80 year old house you are renovating isn’t getting any younger. Even after renovating, the house still has all the electrical, plumbing and building issues you started with.
  • It can be difficult to change the original floor plan to accommodate the needs of modern living, such as indoor-outdoor living areas, open plan kitchens and multiple family bathrooms.
  • What you dreamed of doing in the renovation sometimes simply can’t be achieved on your budget.
  • Many clients struggle to fully picture what their house will look like after the renovation. Many are disappointed with the results.
  • The resale of a renovated house will always be lower than a new house. People are less keen to buy a property with a mixture of new and old.

Knock-down rebuild, a 'no-brainer'

Knockdown rebuild is a viable option to renovation. Homestead Homes are architecturally and individually designed, and custom built to suit your client’s unique family requirements.

We can even organize the demolition of your existing home, ensuring the site is in the best condition to start the rebuild.

The Homestead Home Builders Suite of Services: