You’ve spent countless hours dreaming of your new home. The family has traipsed around display home after display home. It’s time to make a decision about your custom home builder.

So, how do you select the right custom home builder for your family’s dream home?

Your new home project will be built over 32 weeks. Many decisions and discussions will be had along the way. The relationship you forge with your builder now will have an enormous impact on your final result.

You must be confident that your builder will:

Provide quality customer service
Clear, responsive communication is the foundation of success. You want a consistent flow of information and open lines of communication.

Have a united, dedicated team supporting them
Building a new home is a partnership between the builder, the team, sub-contractors and suppliers. Rely on a builder who can demonstrate long term relationships in the office and on-site.

Be flexible
Look for insight. Praise innovation.
Building your dream home is a combination of engineering, art and finance. Work with the builder to see what’s possible for your block. Challenge them to think differently. Be prepared to accept that not everything you request will fit into your budget. Count on the builders experience, local knowledge and skill to deliver your desired result.

Enforce the need for stringent financial management
Value for money is paramount. Building your home for the quoted and agreed amount is essential. Ideas change during construction. Variations may be requested, so make sure all changes are budgeted and agreed prior to work commencing.

Value your time and money
That old saying is never truer when you are building a home. Demand a clear timetable of action, enforce your expectations and expect clear communication along the way.

Turn your dreams into reality. Work with a builder who cares about you and the project. Depend on experience, quality and a willingness to deliver.

Homestead Homes has been a custom home builder for over 30 years, and we’ve built homes for hundreds of families just like yours.

You’ll be confident that we can answer all your questions. Call us today on 02 9629 5199 or visit us at our Bella Vista display homes.

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