Smartslab – the ultimate solution for sloping land

Smartslab – the ultimate solution for sloping land

In our last blog post we spoke about Waffle Slabs, a modern engineered slab designed to meet Australian standards. This slab is a fantastic solution for homes we build on flat land – however for sloping land we use Smartslab.

Smartslab is a unique and creative solution for a modern home, combining the best qualities of a steel framed structure and a concrete slab. A steel frame is used to create a structural support, on any surface whether it be rocky or a steep slope. On top of the steel frame is a metal deck onto which a concrete slab is poured.

This system has many advantages including the benefits of the thermal and acoustic properties of concrete, with the ease of installing services and having a fixed ceiling beneath the slab.

A Smartslab system is also non combustible making it ideal for those living in bushfire prone areas. So overall a Smartslab is a no-brainer for those living on sloped or uneven land. All the benefits of a framed system with the durability of concrete!

Get in touch with us today to see how a Smartslab system can bring your dream home to life.

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