Concrete cracking? Not with Homestead Home Builders!

Concrete cracking? Not with Homestead Home Builders!

Cracked concrete can be an unsightly problem, even in new homes cracking can occur if the concrete slab is not designed and constructed correctly. This is a problem you will not have with Homestead Homes! As we have written previously we recommend and use Waffle Slabs, for many reasons these modern engineered slabs are superior.

What I want to touch on today is concrete cracking. One of the biggest causes of concrete cracking is shrinkage. This occurs once the concrete has been poured and it begins to cure. A traditional slab is just one large lump of concrete. When it starts to cure, because it is just one big lump, it will shrink quite a lot – potentially causing cracks.

Our modern engineered Waffle Slabs are designed for this, and sit up above the ground. So as the concrete shrinks when it cures it can move a little to take up this slack. This results in the end product not cracking, which ultimately leaves you with a better looking and stronger slab.

Get in touch with us today to discuss more about how a Waffle Slab can benefit your new home.

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